Welcome to the Remember April website.


Winter wedding on Brighton Band stand

Ela Southgate and Matt Wall are full-time jazz musicans, please explore their website to hear them and find out more. If you would like to hire them or go on their mailing list about live gigs please drop them a line from the contacts page!

Both Ela and Matt have YouTube channels, at the bottom of this page is a video playlist taken from our channels to give you an idea of our music. If you would like to explore our channels yourself – Ela’s is YouTube.com/elasouthgate  and Matt’s is YouTube.com/seamothboy

Ela and Matt have long shared a passion for jazz standards, show tunes and bossa novas that comprise their ever expanding repertoire. As well as unearthing some rare gems from these genres, they also bring their fresh approach to some of the more well known songs; ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ and ‘Georgia on My Mind’ can still sound great no matter how often they have been performed.

Ela and Matt also perform in larger ensembles with other professional musicians and are happy to organise this upon request.

Here is the video playlist of some of their demos and recordings to give an idea of their sound. Hope you enjoy it.


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